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                    Hello everyone, with the continuous construction and development of society, the application of these ductile iron cover plates is very extensive, so what are the application fields of these products? The main purpose of this article is to introduce this problem to you, so you are welcome to have a look with me with your curiosity. There are many.


                    1. The well cover of heating engineering is used in heating arm line.


                    2. The well cover of landscape engineering is applied to the supporting comprehensive pipeline. In some lawns and gardens, we can often see the figure of well cover in gardens, which has a certain effect on some parks and scenic spots.


                    3. Well covers of drainage engineering are mostly used for rainwater and sewage pipelines. Imagine if there is no drainage well cover on the street, it will be very difficult for us to travel in rainy days, even the houses on the ground floor will be impacted by the rain.



                    4. Road engineering well cover is used for power supply, lighting, cable pipeline.


                    5. The well cover of water supply engineering is used in tap water, fire engineering, etc.


                    6. The well cover of power supply engineering is applied to power supply cable, telecommunication engineering, telephone and communication cable pipeline. Convenient for our construction personnel wiring maintenance, otherwise our night lighting can not be realized.


                    7. Gas engineering well cover is used in gas engineering, natural gas pipeline, etc.

                    那么大家還有那些意見建議呢?我如果有哪里總結的不夠全 面的話也歡迎大家在下方評論區留言告訴我們吧,大家也可以一起討論。那么如果您是在選購井蓋的過程中或是使用的過程中遇到任何問題,都可以直接撥打我們公司電話,竭誠為您服務。

                    What other suggestions do you have? If there is anything I can't summarize comprehensively, please leave a message in the comment area below and let us know. You can also discuss it together. If you encounter any problems in the process of purchasing or using the manhole cover, you can call our company directly and serve you wholeheartedly.



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